Cifas - Protecting the Vulnerable Service

Cifas is a not-for-profit fraud prevention membership organisation. They are the UK’s leading fraud prevention service, managing the largest database of instances of fraudulent conduct in the country. Their members are organisations from all sectors, sharing their data across those sectors to reduce instances of fraud and financial crime.

We send a legal notification to Cifas to complete a Protective Registration for the Person who Lacks Mental Capacity, in turn, this places a flag alongside the named person and their personal details in the Cifas secure National Fraud Database. If one of Cifas member organisations receives an application for a financial product or service in the registered person’s name and they search Cifas’ database, they will get an alert informing them of the individuals’ vulnerable status. The application is then automatically declined, and any fraud prevented.

The Protecting the Vulnerable service can help prevent that distress where the Deputy or Appointee is managing the Persons financial affairs and is available in the Financial Profile Premium.

For Mental Capacity Cases Only