Company Directorship Search

£7.50 + VAT

The search sources data from various sources, including Companies House records, to identify both active and resigned Company Directorships. As UK limited companies are formed under the Companies Act, they are required to disclose certain information about their directors when forming a company, or when there is a change in directorship.

Where a Person has a role listed as an Active or Resigned director, further enquiries should be made to understand the Persons involvement and confirm any shareholdings, income owed or potential liabilities (see Company Business Search).

The search will return the following information

  • Company Name

  • Registered Company Number

  • Company status

  • Correspondence address

  • Role

  • Appointment Date

  • Resignation Date

The Company Directorship search is available separately, or is automatically included in the Financial Profile Premium.

Company Business Search

Where a Person is identified as a Director, further enquiries should be made into the company’s accounts to identify any potential

  • Directors Loans (Assets) owed to the Person; or

  • Company Loans made to the Person as a Director which are outstanding liabilities

Estatesearch can provide a Company Business Search that provides a comprehensive review of a UK registered company.