Enhanced Notification Service

When appointed to manage property and financial affairs for a Person who lacks Mental Capacity or is Deceased, it can be extremely challenging to compile a Financial Profile of their Estate.

Estatesearch enables the authorised professional to collate relevant information on a more timely basis than is possible with existing processes.

The technology behind the Enhanced Notification Service (ENS) has been designed by Estatesearch to provide Legal Notifications from the authorised professional (the Notifier) to Financial Institutions, appending all necessary identification documents to allow the receiving party to take any necessary actions to safeguard the Persons interests, either for probate cases or for lack of mental capacity.

Each Legal Notification is date-stamped and recorded, should you wish to take recourse against any Financial Institution who failed to confirm they hold a profile for the Person when first requested.

For probate administration cases, this may require the re-opening of a file, correcting a tax liability and relocating beneficiaries. The Enhanced Notification Service incorporates an Additional Costs Warranty to cover your legitimate administrative costs when a Financial Institution has failed to effectively process the accounts and investments of deceased customers.

As a Legal Notice, rather than an asset search collated by a third party, the response time from companies directly to you is greatly improved.

The Enhanced Notification Service is only available as part of the Financial Profile Standard or Financial Profile Premium.