Unclaimed Assets Register

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The Unclaimed Assets Register (UAR) is a service provided by Experian to reunite consumers with their lost financial assets. It 
helps insurers, pension providers, financial institutions and listed companies to address the issue of unclaimed money by providing a single source to search for lost investments.

It’s important if you are a solicitor or legal representative managing a client’s financial affairs, that you use UAR to locate lost money and re-establish contact with financial institutions on your clients’ behalf.

The Unclaimed Assets Register is a trading name of Experian Ltd. Experian does not take a percentage of any funds you recover from your searches.

How it works

  • UAR will search its database and may make enquiries of such institutions in the United Kingdom as shall be deemed appropriate based on the information provided.

  • UAR may undertake a search for the purposes of verifying you or your client’s identity.

  • UAR will use reasonable efforts to report the results of searches, within 2 working days.

  • Any Match will be notified to you as a match reference number together with the relevant contact details of the financial institution. The financial institution will be given your client’s details and the same reference number in order for you to follow up the Match.

  • A Match does not guarantee an actual entitlement.

  • ‘Match’ means an apparent similarity between the details you have provided and the details held by the financial institutions searched by the UAR relating to entitlements to unclaimed assets.

  • UAR will not retrieve any assets under this service. You will need to contact the financial institution directly, and to satisfy their authentication procedures before collecting any such unclaimed assets.

Reunification of financial assets in the UK

The total value of unclaimed financial assets in the UK has not been accurately defined, but is estimated at £15-20 Billion. An asset can be separated from its owner for many reasons, including:

  • Death;

  • Change of address;

  • Illegal activity;

  • A failure of the owner to notify a company or Registrar of a change of address';

  • People make investments and fail to tell their partners.

While companies generally make efforts to find customers when funds are due to be paid, these efforts vary by the company concerned. As a result many assets are lost and consumers lose touch with their provider.

Organisations regularly submit their customer data to the UAR for tracing to help reunite consumers.