Features Overview

The Estatesearch™ Credit & Liabilities Report provides a more efficient and reliable alternative to placing statutory Section 27 Notices or manual fact-finding.  Estatesearch™ provides reliable data for due diligence and unbeatable insurance protection in 48 hours.

Due Diligence Includes

  • UK creditor data of 72 different account types from over 560 organisations.
  • Unsecured - Examples include
    • Bank accounts
    • Unsecured loan (personal loans etc)
    • Credit card/Store card
    • Mail Order
    • Utilities (broadband, gas, water, electric, etc)
    • Card & Mortgage Payment Protection
    • Consolidated Debt
    • Student loans
    • Fines
    • Gambling
    • More.....
  • Secured - Examples include
    • Mortgages (Including Buy To Let, Shared ownership, second & Offset)
    • CML member notices (Possession order, Voluntary surrender & Arrears move)
    • Hire purchase/Conditional sale
    • Finance lease
    • Pay Day Loans
    • Tax (HMRC)
    • Court Actions 
    • Child Maintenance 
    • More.... 
  • Insurance
    • House insurance 
    • Car Insurance
    • Life insurance 
    • Health insurance 
  • Previous address history
  • Financial connections
  • Solvency warnings, Bankruptcy, Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) / County Court Judgements (CCJ)

The Estatesearch™  Credit & Liabilities Service including the insurance protection is a recoverable disbursement against the Estate and costs £185 + VAT.


Underwritten by the UK branch of ERGO, the direct insurance arm of Munich Re, one of the World’s leading reinsurance businesses.

Protects the Appointed Representative and Beneficiaries against any financial claims by creditors not identified in the Estatesearch™ Credit & Liabilities Report made after distribution, including liability for credit cards, banks, etc. and subsequent HMRC tax liabilities.

It allows early distribution to be made without the need to issue a Section 27 Notice and without delaying for 60 days.

It also protects the Appointed Representative and Beneficiaries against an unknown dependant claiming financial provision under Inheritance Act 1975.

Cover is automatically provided up to £250,000 per estate. Higher limits are available on request.

For an Appointed Representative who still wishes to place a Section 27 Notice, protection commences after four weeks has elapsed from the publish date.


Estatesearch™ has additional intelligence to review the data and generates alerts and sign posts the professional where further investigation may be required.  

  • Consolidated Debt (Solvency warning)
  • 100+% LTV Mortgage (negative equity)
  • Mortgage and Unsecured Loan (negative equity)
  • Shared Ownership
  • Life Insurance (potential asset)
  • Health insurance (potential asset)
  • Gambling (potential liability or Asset)
  • More....