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Why is The Enhanced Notification Service necessary?

Vulnerability remains an important topic for the financial and legal professions, consumer bodies and regulators, with a growing focus on the delivery of fair customer outcomes.

The Financial Services Vulnerability Taskforce and the BBA/BSA Bereavement Principles Working Party have both published a commitment from leading banks and building societies to explore the feasibility of a one-stop notification service that would enable an authorised Person to notify all relevant firms with one single notification. 

The current Death Notification Service (DNS) is limited to those financial institutions (a bank or firm that is a full member of the BBA) that subscribe to the service and only allow the notification of a person's death.

Vulnerable circumstances can affect any Person at any point in their lives. Vulnerability can arise due to personal factors, life events or wider circumstances and are not just limited to Bereavement.  A person who lacks Mental Capacity is also a vulnerable circumstance. 

The Enhanced Notification Service (ENS) has been developed for Authorised Professionals who are legally appointed as Notifiers to act for a Person who either lacks mental capacity or is deceased.

Who are Estatesearch?

Estatesearch are a legal technology provider, licenced for use by Notifiers who have the legal responsibility to manage financial affairs of the person named in the legal notifications.

Estatesearch users are regulated professionals (principally licensed by the Law Society, CILEX, CLC or the ICAEW) to provide Estate Administration services or are appointed as professional Attorneys or Deputies. 

What is the Enhanced Notification Service?

The technology behind the Estatesearch Enhanced Notification Service (ENS) has been designed to provide Legal Notifications to you, the financial institution, from the authorised Notifier.

As a Legal Notice, rather than a financial asset search, you are in a position to action any fraud protection measures immediately and correspond directly with the Notifier to facilitate any next steps. If no profile of the Person is found, or if you’re already in correspondence with the Notifier, then no response is required.

Estatesearch does not require you to provide us with any further information relating to your client, we only facilitate an interaction between you and the Notifier. We are registered as a Data Controller under Data Protection Act 2018.

Why are you receiving Legal Notifications from US? 

The Estatesearch platform generates two types of Legal Notifications from the Notifier to your organisation, where a Person is Deceased or lacks Mental Capacity.

The Legal Notification is delivered via post, email, fax or an application programming interface (API) to your relevant department, according to your preferred method of communication.

What action will be required? 

You will receive a Legal Notifications from the Notifier using our platform.  These will contain:

  • Details of the Data Subject who is either Deceased or lacks Mental Capacity (Person);

  • Contact details of the professional who is legally authorised to act on behalf of the Person (Notifier);

  • Letter of Authority (To confirm consent by the Notifier on behalf of the Person); and

  • Copy of Death Certificate or Court of Protection Order (To verify the Person’s Capacity).

The Letter of Authority will show Estatesearch are appointed as an Agent of the Notifier to obtain information from third parties for the purpose of fully investigating the presence or absence of a profile (Products or Accounts) relating to the Data Subject.

You should use this information to update your records and to help prevent potential fraudulent attempts to access vulnerable customers accounts. 

Once you have reviewed the evidence supplied, we request that you search the records of all operations within your organisation that may hold any profiles relating to the Person.

Where a profile for the named Data Subject exists in your records, please update the records with the named Notifier and immediately release any information Estatesearch may ask for by telephone or in writing (Secure Email).

With our focus on exercising extra care where consumers are vulnerable, please complete the form below to contact us and discuss how your organisation currently receives Legal Notifications.

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Earlier access to financial information supports better outcomes for Bereaved Families and Vulnerable Clients