Financial Profile Standard

The Financial Profile Service is a natural starting point for any Estate Administration (Bereavement) or Deputyship (Mental Capacity) matter. It provides essential information and insight into the person’s financial affairs including:

  • Rapid and comprehensive search of potential creditors and connected financial organisations (see Creditors & Liabilities Data) providing all the benefits of the Credit and Liabilities Report, identifying creditors and undertaking a solvency check for County Court Judgements (CCJs) and Bankruptcy

  • Unidentified Creditors Warranty, providing protection against liability to unidentified creditors (Bereavement Cases only)

  • Legal notification to a wide range of financial organisations, allowing them to act on any update and engage with the authorised legal representative accordingly.

  • Protection against legal administrative expenses in the event that any further assets or accounts are identified after estate distribution (see Additional Costs Warranty) (Bereavement Cases Only).

Financial Asset Search (IDL)

£150 + VAT

Inheritance Data Asset Trace contacts over 150 Financial Institutions, including Banks, Building Societies, Pensions, Shares, NS&I and DWP, with an aim to uncover lost, dormant or active accounts.

Only available for Bereavement cases