How we help: Deputyship (Mental Capacity)

Vulnerability arising as a result of lacking mental capacity is increasingly becoming a focus of government, financial institutions, and society to ensure better support is in place. Mental capacity can change over time and loss of capacity may be unforeseen, instant and acute, expected, gradual and chronic or any combination of these.

Regardless of how incapacity may present itself managing the affairs of a vulnerable person is both an important and responsible position. However, understanding the financial affairs of the Person can be a time consuming and burdensome exercise traditionally involving lengthy review of paper files or waiting for postal redirections. 

The Estatesearch portal combines a number of tools and services to help you efficiently perform comprehensive due diligence, ensuring you have all the information to best manage the persons financial affairs.


£135 + VAT

A due diligence pack containing:

Credit & Liabilities Search Plus

Enhanced Notification Service

Additional Costs Warranty

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