Our Technology

Estatesearch is working alongside leading professionals in Estate Administration (Bereavement) or Deputyship (Mental Capacity) cases to identify ways that technology and data can be brought to bear to solve the sectors’ complex issues. We have developed a platform which enable the creation of a case, with a specific purpose e.g. bereavement. Users have the ability to securely store information about that client and manage orders.

The services we have developed and or integrated in to our platform, alleviate the problems that Professionals have specifically identified.

  • The identification of liabilities associated with a deceased person or an individual who has lost mental capacity in an era when more and more financial information is not available solely by searching through personal effects

  • Protection for beneficiaries against unknown creditors (which is not provided by Section 27)

  • A broad- based Legal Notification to all leading Financial Institutions of the client’s condition, and a request for response from those institutions with exposure to the client

  • Collation of other data and services into one place, which facilitate a compliant approach by responsible professionals (for example, Anti-Money Laundering, OPG 100, Company Directorship and other searches).

If you have a query about our technology, services or face a technological challenge, please do contact us.