Founded in 2015, Risq Ventures Ltd (Risq) is an innovative UK company serving the legal and financial services sectors.    

Estatesearch™ is a trading division of Risq Ventures and has been developed by Risq in conjunction with market knowledge experts, leading data providers, financial institutions and law firms.

Vulnerable circumstances can affect any Person at any point in their lives. Vulnerability can arise due to personal factors, life events or wider circumstances.  

Data collation is a necessary part of managing the financial affairs of a Person who either lacks mental capacity or is deceased. But trusting the data you get back is vital. It has to be relevant, accurate and compliant.

Estatesearch™ re-engineered the collation process to enable professionals to efficiently access a financial profile of a vulnerable Persons estate.

Our attention to detail reduces your exposure to risk now and in the future, as we anticipate changes in data, regulation and market dynamics.

We are proud of our services and value the importance of close working relationships with our clients. It is the only way we can understand your specific needs and provide the exact service you require.