Financial Due Diligence

When appointed to manage Property and Financial Affairs for a Person who lacks Mental Capacity or is Deceased, it can be extremely challenging to compile a Financial Profile of their Estate.

Estatesearch has worked alongside professionals to develop a suite of services to provide relevant information on a more timely basis than is possible with existing processes.

The platform also integrates with leading third party services to simplify your workload and provide access to all of the services you need in a single dashboard.

Estate Administration (Bereavement)

Acting as an executor or administrator is both an important and responsible role. Performing proper due diligence is key to meet your legal duty and avoid potential liability. Our services help you confidently and efficiently administer an estate, delivering quality customer service while minimising risk.

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Deputyship (Mental Capacity)

There is growing focus on securing better outcomes for vulnerable people who lack capacity to manage their own financial affairs.  However, understanding their financial situation can be a challenging and time-consuming endeavour. Our services are designed to support your due diligence process so you can focus on your client’s needs.

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