Category: Product in Focus Series

Unoccupied Property Insurance

Estatesearch differ to many other Insurance Policy makers as we do not require a to routine inspection or visit to the property.

Active and Resigned Company Directorship Search

An active or resigned company directorship search will inform a personal representative of any current and previous appointments as a director, as well as the trading status of each registered company.

Experian Unclaimed Assets Register Search

Experian cites the most common reasons for losing touch with assets as change of address, illegal activity, failure to update your address details and death.

What is a Financial Asset Search (FAS)?

Did you know that there is reported to be up to £1.2 billion of unclaimed assets in UK bank accounts, a figure which is increasing annually?

Why carry out a credit bureau check during estate administration?

Some 20 million people have needed to access a loved one’s financial accounts once they have passed away but 38% were not aware of where those accounts, including liabilities were.

The Importance of Carrying out an Anti Money Laundering Check on the Deceased when Administering an Estate

70% of firms are at risk by not conducting an Anti-Money Laundering Check on the Deceased when administering an estate.