Estatesearch Portal

Introducing our secure on-line portal giving you simple and efficient access to Will Searches, Gazette Notices, Local Ads and our award-winning combined Asset & Liability searches, the Financial Profile Service. All in one place, all on one invoice for greater efficiency.

  • Impressively simple
  • Elegantly efficient
  • No registration or subscription fees

Asset & Liability Searches

Credit & Liabilities Search

Electronic search of Credit Bureau Data to identify open & closed creditor accounts

£25 + VAT
  • Bankruptcy, CCJs & IVAs
  • Previous Names & Addresses
  • Open & Closed Credit Accounts

Financial Profile Standard

An effective and efficient combined asset & liability search to support essential due diligence for Executors, Deputies & Attorneys.

£155 + VAT
  • Digital Credit & Liability Data
  • Notification to 100's Organisations
  • Prevents Fraud with VRS Registration

Financial Profile Premium

Our most comprehensive financial asset & liability search, offering an unparalleled level of due diligence.

£185 + VAT
  • Comprehensive Financial Asset & Liability Search
  • Identifying Live, Online, Lost & Dormant Accounts
  • Inc. Experian UAR, Companies House & OPG Searches

Statutory Notices

S.27 Gazette Notice

Official public entry in The Gazette to advertise for potential creditors of deceased estates

£80 + VAT
  • Official Public Entry
  • London, Edinburgh or Belfast
  • Protects Executor from Unknown Creditors

S.27 Local Advertisement

Publication of a deceased notice in the relevant local newspaper to advertise for potential creditors

  • Publication in Local Newspaper
  • We recommend suitable publications
  • Protects Executor from Unknown Creditors

Will Searches

Will Search Combined

Helping to locate both registered and unregistered Wills

£95 + VAT
  • Certainty Will Database Search
  • Will REACH Search
  • Certainty Missing Wills Notice Board

Finders Missing Will Service

Comprehensive search to help locate both registered and unregistered Wills

£325 + VAT
  • Probate Registry & Certainty Will Database Search
  • Geographical Will Search by Postal Service
  • Pre-approval for Missing Will Insurance

Insurance Services

Unoccupied Property Insurance

Competitive buildings and contents cover for unoccupied properties

  • Quotation with address only
  • No routine inspection clause
  • Contents only from £14.4 p/m

Early Distribution Insurance

Indemnifies Executors & Beneficiaries against potential Inheritance Act claims to facilitate earlier distribution

  • Indemnifies Executors & Beneficiaries
  • Facilitates distribution within IA '75 claims period
  • Helps PRs offer alternative solutions to Beneficiaries

Missing Share Certificates

Arrangement of countersignatures on letters of indemnity for lost or missing share certificates

£1-2% + IPT
  • Enables re-issue of share certificates
  • Includes lost, damaged or missing share certificates
  • Indemnifies the registrar against potential loss

Bankruptcy Searches

UK Bankruptcy Searches

Search within the UK to confirm the identity of a beneficiary and ensure no encumbrances before distributing funds

£5 + VAT
  • Identity Check
  • Anti-Money Laundering Check
  • Bankruptcy or insolvency check

Overseas Bankruptcy Search

A range of identity and bankruptcy checks, with a particular emphasis on overseas beneficiaries

From £50 + VAT
  • Checks on overseas beneficiaries
  • Checks in a range of countries

Property Services