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Case Study – Jones Whyte Solicitors

By Estatesearch on June 5th, 2023

Estatesearch helps Jones Whyte Solicitors uncover assets in substantial estate potentially worth £1Million on behalf of vulnerable client.

Jones Whyte solicitors have one simple aim, to be there for clients, resolving challenges and providing the legal support that clients need at every stage of their life. The Glasgow based team of 30 achieve this by responding quickly, offering clear, straightforward legal advice that gives clarity and peace of mind.

In October 2022, trainee solicitor Nikki Bonini, was working with a vulnerable executor to establish the assets within her deceased partner’s estate. “Initially we instructed an alternative Asset Search provider but after a month nothing had been found. A further month down the line and there was one only match but we knew the entirety of the estate could not been identified due to the bank statements we already had on file,” explains Bonini.

We now offer all of our clients the option of Estatesearch’s services to identify assets in a deceased’s estate.

Nikki Bonini, Jones Whyte Solicitors

“Due to the vulnerability of our client she was simply not able to provide this information and so the asset search was invaluable to ensure the entirety of the estate was identified. We now offer all of our clients the option of Estatesearch’s services to identify assets in a deceased’s estate. This provides peace of mind for beneficiaries and means we are able to execute due diligence in both straight forward and more complex probate cases.

However, sometimes it’s not just about the assets that are uncovered that make the searches worthwhile. For example, we recently worked on the case of a deceased gentleman with no close relatives, where his friends were the beneficiaries. During his lifetime he had been particularly diligent about keeping receipts and paperwork and it filled almost every room in his home. Naturally, for the friends this was overwhelming, and it would have cost them thousands of pounds in legal fees to investigate all the paperwork.

We suggested using Estatesearch who identified all the liabilities including relevant utilities and credit card holders. This proved the swiftest course of action to resolve the matter and gave the beneficiaries peace of mind that all assets and liabilities had been identified without the need to shift through such volumes of paperwork, during what was a difficult time.”

Jones Whyte Solicitors have also been impressed with the speed of Estatesearch’s asset search services. “They are at least twice as fast as other firms we’ve used,” confirms Bonini. “Further, we receive notifications when matches are found, so we can send letters to financial institutions and get the ball rolling straight away instead of waiting until the end of the process, which has been the case in the past. The searches are also more cost effective than other firms we have used so we are very happy to recommend Estatesearch.”

Estatesearch also provided training for Jones Whyte Solicitors. “This was both helpful and illuminating as Estatesearch also provides a comprehensive range of share services from verification to valuation, sales, and transfer, an area which can be both time-consuming and burdensome for us. We will now be pleased to take advantage of the share services for the benefit of our clients too,” adds Bonini.

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Originally published on Today’s Wills and Probate – 6th May 2023

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