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LawNet Teams up with Estatesearch to Bring Benefits to Members

By Estatesearch on December 8th, 2023

LawNet launched Estatesearch’s discounted searches to its members in June 2021.   Now more than 60% of the network use Estatesearch. LawNet is a not-for-profit membership organisation for legal firms which has supported excellence for its network for over 30 years.  The dedicated team at LawNet deliver a range of powerful benefits for members and their clients which include insurance, training, networking, risk & compliance management, practice support and marketing support.


LawNet’s goal is to help firms reduce costs, improve services and efficiency, grow their business and be more successful.  LawNet is able to leverage the buying power of its network and as a result, one of the benefits members enjoy is access to discounted arrangements with over 50 key service providers.

George Coombes, Member Services Manager, LawNet explains:

“As an ISO9001 accredited organisation, we complete due diligence on any company we introduce.  As a non-profit, we are impartial and so wholly focused on how that organisation will benefit our network.  We look at credentials, the stability of the company and we also speak to users and look at a snapshot of competitors in the market.

“We like to work with people we like too, and so a gut feeling about whether the team would work well with our clients and provide an excellent service which would in turn benefit their clients is important.

“I met with Ben Furlong, Customer Services Director at Estatesearch and he provided a demonstration of Estatesearch’s search services accessed through their online Portal and I was impressed.  At the time, fourteen of our members already used Estatesearch so this also added to the company’s credibility.”

Estatesearch helps legal firms smooth the probate process, removing delays where possible and reducing the time spent on the case.  Estatesearch offers Overseas & UK Bankruptcy Searches, Asset & Liability searches, Will Searches, placement of Section 27 Notices, Unoccupied Property Insurance, Early Distribution Insurance and Share Valuations.

Estatesearch’s secure Portal is designed for ease of use and doesn’t require any subscription or membership fees.  It provides access to searches and services and puts everything in one place.  The simple intuitive ordering process which default fills known fields offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for private client solicitors.

Since LawNet launched Estatesearch’s discounted searches to its members, now more than 60% of the network use Estatesearch.  George Coombes explains:

“This was one of our most successful launches.  Covid had removed some of the tech barriers and it was clear how ordering searches through a secure platform would save both time and cost for clients.  The free portal is very easy to use and Estatesearch simplifies the whole process while helping ensure risk compliance for firms at the same time.”

The feedback from LawNet’s network has also been positive:

“Estatesearch give us a simple and efficient tool that helps support our risk and due diligence, while delivering value for us and our clients. The Asset & Liability search gives us confidence all reasonable endeavours have been made and helps ensure we identify all estate accounts. Alongside the Asset & Liability search we can easily access Will Searches, Trustee Notices, Overseas Bankruptcy Searches all in one place helping us save time.” Gemma Smith, Head of Private Client. Wolferstans Solicitors.

“I continue to use Estatesearch as they are prompt at answering any queries, provide accurate and to-the-point responses and are always on hand.  They have all the resources a Private Client firm could want all at the click of a button.  With the added bonus of competitive pricing.”  Kate Lee, Chattertons.

Ben Furlong, Customer Services Director, Estatesearch commented:

“Wills & Probate is the second most complained about sector of the legal services industry after conveyancing, and attracts a high level of risk not least due to the large sums of money being managed and the highly emotive situation clients find themselves in. Increasingly firms are adopting new policies and procedures to better manage operations and mitigate risks associated with estate administration.

“We are proud to partner with LawNet members, to support them in implementing new processes and exploring how technology can help them deliver better outcomes for their clients and their businesses. LawNet share our values of integrity, best practice, and creating collaborative working environments. It’s a perfect fit.”

LawNet is committed to delivering excellent service, based on a real understanding of what clients want.

“Our partnership with Estatesearch helps us deliver precisely this for our network,” confirms George Coombes.

“Estatesearch offers firms the chance to increase efficiency by taking advantage of proven technology, so they concentrate on earning fees and running a more successful, faster growing and profitable business.”

For further information about LawNet please see:  LawNet Limited – Supporting excellent law firm

Originally published in Today’s Wills & Probate, 7th December 2023

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