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Estatesearch Coronavirus Response

By Ben Furlong on September 16th, 2020

During the challenge of current events we’re pleased to witness the strength and resilience demonstrated by so many of our clients and suppliers embracing technology to support their clients with business as usual.

We’re pleased to confirm that Estatesearch is operating our Business Continuity Plan and adhering to the latest government guidance. Our systems and technology enable all our staff to work effectively and securely from home locations without interruption to our normal service.

There is no current impact to the service. However, we are anticipating possible delays in the responses we receive from some Financial Institutions (FIs) as part of the Financial Profile Service. This is most likely to affect those FIs who communicate by post rather than secure electronic means, should FI’s Post Rooms be impacted due to staff sickness or self-isolation this may delay processing requests and responses. 

We are continuing to engage with FIs on this matter to better understand any likely impact and implement alternative procedures where appropriate. A large number of Fi’s engage via secure electronic communication so we anticipate a limited impact, if any. In any event we will prepare your report within 30 working days and continue to monitor and notify you of any potential matches regardless of the length of any delay.    

If you have any questions our customer service is operating as normal and the team can be contacted as always by;

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