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Estatesearch now working with 1,800 law firms and over 200 Financial Institutions

By Alex Turck on August 1st, 2023

This improves the way that they are able to handle Bereavement and Loss of capacity on behalf of Private Client professionals.

As we celebrate our fifth year, Estatesearch now have 1,800 law firms accessing our award-winning Financial Profile Service, helping to identify assets and liabilities in estates where people have passed away or lost mental capacity. Our online platform offers access to a growing range of services, most recently incorporating additional Share Data into our Financial Asset Searches to provide more comprehensive and efficient access to shareholdings that may be unknown to clients’ loved ones.  

Confidently identifying the financial assets and liabilities within an estate is an increasingly challenging and complicated task, with an estimated £20 billion lying in unclaimed accounts in retail banks alone. As part of our services, we work with over 200 financial institutions in order to identify active, dormant or missing assets, in order to effectively manage or administer an estate.

However, searching paper statements is time-consuming and becoming more unreliable as financial services move online. We currently have 32 Financial Institutions integrated electronically with our systems, removing the need for paper correspondence, reducing our carbon footprint, and ensuring a more accurate and efficient fact-finding process.

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