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Our innovative electronic search of Credit Bureau Data identifies open & closed credit accounts to efficiently identify potential estate liabilities

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Professional Executors or Administrators, Deputies or Attorneys are duty-bound to identify and discharge estate debts and liabilities. If the deceased has debts which were not apparent from their personal papers, it’s possible for those creditors to later seek payment either from the Personal Representatives or from the assets distributed to beneficiaries of the estate

To help identify estate accounts and mitigate against the risk of missed debts or liabilities, and assess potential solvency before applying for the Grant, our Credits & Liabilities Search performs an electronic check of digital credit data held by Experian, the largest Credit Reference Agency in the UK. The Credits & Liabilities Search is quick, concise and easy to understand including information on;

  • Bankruptcy, CCJs, and IVA

  • Previous Names, Previous Addresses and Financially Connected Persons

  • Open and closed current accounts, credit cards, mortgages, pay day loans and online gambling accounts

We deliver the completed Credits & Liabilities Search in as little as 24 hours identifying the account provider, account reference, account open and closing dates, so you can rapidly develop an understanding of the client’s financial affairs and make relevant enquiries to prevent debt accrual. By identifying account providers, the report also helps signpost potential estate assets and savings

  • Protection for Executors from the risk of missed liabilities
  • Reduced administrative effort and greater efficiency in identifying estate creditors
  • Helps signpost additional potential estate assets and accounts
Credits &
Price (plus VAT) £25 £155 £185
Identity Trace:
Electoral Roll, Previous Names & Addresses
Anti-Money Laundering (PEPs & Sanctions)
Liabilities Data:
Bankruptcy, CCJ, IVA
Experian Credit Bureau Data
Fraud Prevention:
Vulnerability Registration Service
Asset data:
Banks, Building Societies, Pension Providers, Life Insurers
Share registrars inc. Equiniti, Link & Computershare
Company Directorships
OPG – Previous Deputy &Attorney Register
Experian Unclaimed Asset Register

All orders can be placed securely online through our dedicated portal offering access to a variety of searches and services. All our Asset & Liability searches benefit from £2 million Professional Indemnity Insurance cover as standard. There are no registration or subscription fees so you only pay for what you need, when you need it

Electronic search of Credit Bureau Data to identify open & closed creditor accounts

£25 + VAT
  • Bankruptcy, CCJs & IVAs
  • Previous Names & Addresses
  • Open & Closed Credit Accounts
  • Financial Asset Searches have become an integral part of estate administration. We now commission these searches as a matter of course, and have found that it makes the task of information gathering infinitely less time-consuming and difficult. Tom Bottomley, Partner
  • I feel by using Estatesearch I am using all possible tools out there to provide the most comprehensive search of a deceased's assets to enable a complete and full administered estate from the get go. Leonie Adams, Director
  • The Estatesearch Financial Profile Service gives us a comprehensive and robust due diligence process at the click of a button. Using a combination of data and technology goes beyond what we could reasonably achieve otherwise and Estatesearch have helped us identify additional assets in difficult Court of Protection matters. Holly Chantler, Head of Private Client
  • Having used Estatesearch many times I have always found it to be really quick and easy and if any questions the team are always willing to help and discuss matters and have managed to find other accounts for other clients but with less in them which we are all extremely grateful for. Would highly recommend these are done when dealing with any financial matters. Lynne Ragoubi, Senior Accredited Paralegal
  • We're very happy with the services provided by Estatesearch and find the Financial Profile Service a valuable tool in assisting our clients. In one recent matter undertaking the search meant we discovered an additional £2,500 which we would have otherwise been unaware of, needless to say the beneficiaries were happy with the outcome. Jade Gani, Head of Private Client
  • The Financial Profile Service helps us demonstrate all reasonable due diligence in matters where we're appointed as Executors. In a recent matter the Report helped us identify additional assets which our client and the beneficiary greatly appreciated. Charlotte Day, Solicitor
  • The Estatesearch process is simple and accessing several services in one portal saves so much time. The Financial Profile Service is really useful and great value, supported by excellent customer service. As a firm regularly acting for overseas PRs the Search can be invaluable for discovering UK assets and liabilities. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the service to my clients. Helen Green, Solicitor
  • We use the Financial Profile Service when appointed as Executors to help us clearly demonstrate we’ve met all our statutory duties. The report is clear and easy to use, helping us quickly make targeted additional enquiries to secure estate assets when required. Rachel Roche, Solicitor Director
  • The Financial Profile Service helped us efficiently confirm all the estate accounts, and in our latest matter identified a historic pension adding greater value for the beneficiaries and our clients. Liyen Edin, Biscoes Solicitors
  • The Estatesearch team are always willing to go the extra mile to help us with our cases and enquiries, using their knowledge and expertise to help us deliver an excellent service while reducing costs for our clients. Michael Graham, Head of Private Client

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