Digital Asset Planning – Wills, LPAs and Trusts (Digital Assets Series – Part 4)

In part 4 of our Digital Assets Series, Jack Burroughs TEP and Private Client and Taxation Advisor, explores the practicalities of digital estate planning and succession.

Research by STEP in 2021* revealed that nearly 60% of estate practitioners had dealt with questions from clients about digital assets. Of those, almost half had been asked for advice on estate planning and a third had been asked about transferring digital assets after death.

In Part 4 we explore

  • Compiling a digital assets inventory
  • Dealing with digital assets in Wills
  • LPAs/incapacity and digital assets
  • Planning succession for cryptoassets
  • Trusts and cryptoassets


This webinar was recorded on Wednesday 8th March 2023.

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