Webinars On Demand

Digital Asset Planning – Wills, LPAs and Trusts

In part 4 of our Digital Assets Series, Jack Burroughs TEP and Private Client and Taxation Advisor, explores the practicalities of digital estate planning and succession.

This session covers:

• Compiling a digital assets inventory
• Dealing with digital assets in Wills
• LPAs/incapacity and digital assets
• Planning succession for cryptoassets
• Trusts and cryptoassets

Digital Assets & Post-Mortem Privacy

In Part 3 of our Digital Assets series, Dr Edina Harbinja, Senior Lecturer in Media/Privacy Law at Aston Law School, shares her expertise on post-mortem privacy and what it means for the legal profession.

• What is post-mortem privacy, and how does it affect the transmission of digital estate/digital remains?
• Does the law protect post-mortem privacy, and if so, where and how?
• What are some of the key upcoming law reforms that may embrace this concept?
• What are the main practical implications of post-mortem privacy for the legal profession, the industry and clients?

Cloud Contracts and Post-Mortem Access

In Part 2 of our Digital Assets series, Dave Michels, a researcher at the Cloud Legal Project, Queen Mary University of London, returns to explain more about what happens to Digital Assets when you die.

In part two, we will explore

• How do property rights and contracts impact the succession to Digital Assets?
• What do cloud contracts say about post-mortem access – and what does this mean for practitioners?
• Should the law favour post-mortem access, or post-mortem privacy?

Property Rights in Digital Assets

In this two part series of technical webinars, we invite Dave Michels, a researcher at the Cloud Legal Project, Queen Mary University of London, to explain what happens to Digital Assets when you die and the affect the recent Law Commission proposal may have.

In part one, we look at

• What is currently recognised as ‘Property’ in English Property Law?
• What impact might the Law Commissions’ proposal for ‘Data Objects’ as a new category have?
• What does all this mean in practice for different kinds of Digital Assets including:
o Crypto-tokens
o Digital Files
o Email Accounts
o In Game assets and
o Domain Names?

Managing Shares in Estate Administration & Common Challenges

Identifying shares held by a deceased has historically been a notoriously difficult undertaking. Many individuals still hold shares as paper certificates, making it all too easy to lose track of any shares owned and in which companies.

This session covers several key learning objectives including:
– The process – Ideal vs Reality
– Identification – who holds what?
– Valuation and Verification – how are the shares held and what are they worth
– How to deal with missing and/or lost share certificates
– Share dealing & share transfers – the process and common problems