Our Digital Assets Webinar series continues

By Estatesearch on January 23rd, 2023

Digital Assets and what happens to them after you die is still very much a hot topic and one that is not straightforward.

Our Digital Assets webinar series is designed to support your understanding of the practical and ethical considerations when applied to Estate Administration and has so far covered Property Rights, the recent Law Commission proposal, and cloud contracts.

Over the next couple of months, we will continue to look at Digital Assets in further detail.

Upcoming Webinars in the Series

Wednesday February 22nd at 11am

Digital Assets & Post-mortem Privacy – What are the implications for the legal profession?

In part 3, we ask Dr Edina Harbinja, Senior Lecturer in Media/Privacy Law at Aston Law School to share her expertise on post-mortem privacy and what it means for the legal profession.

We will cover

  • What is post-mortem privacy, and how does it affect the transmission of digital estate/digital remains?
  • Does the law protect post-mortem privacy, and if so, where and how?
  • What are some of the key upcoming law reforms that may embrace this concept?
  • What are the main practical implications of post-mortem privacy for the legal profession, the industry and clients?

Wednesday 8th March – 11am

Digital Asset Planning – Wills, LPAs and Trusts

Research by STEP in 2021* revealed that nearly 60% of estate practitioners had dealt with questions from clients about digital assets. Of those, almost half had been asked for advice on estate planning and a third had been asked about transferring digital assets after death.

In part 4, we are joined by Jack Burroughs TEP and Private Client and Taxation Advisor, who will explore the practicalities of digital estate planning and succession.

We will cover:

  • Compiling a digital assets inventory
  • Dealing with digital assets in Wills
  • LPAs/incapacity and digital assets
  • Planning succession for cryptoassets
  • Trusts and cryptoassets


If you missed any of the previous sessions in our Digital Assets webinar series, you can catch up on demand.

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