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Vehicle Valuation

By Alex Turck on April 19th, 2022

According to the Royal Automobile Club, 77% of households in the UK own a vehicle. Therefore, it is likely that in most estate administration cases vehicle valuations will be required; acting as an asset for beneficiaries, or in the case of outstanding finance, a liability that the executor should be aware of.

Estatesearch provide a variety of valuation services, including valuations for cars and vans. By drawing on technology we provide fast and efficient valuations based on the best available data, ensuring robust and dependable valuations.

Our VAT Automated open market valuation is provided by Cazoo, the leading used car valuation platform. The valuation provides both a date of death and current valuation of the vehicle that is compliant with HMRC form IHT 400, as well as the MOT and vehicle tax status. The vehicle status check includes any outstanding finance on the vehicle and whether the vehicle has been scrapped, stolen, written off, exported, or imported. To ensure the most efficient process possible, the vehicles mileage is assumed based on MOT records.

Our comprehensive platform helps incorporate important searches all in one place. Our vehicle valuation is a stand-alone service that you can order alongside other asset and liability products, helping you more efficiently conduct comprehensive checks and satisfy estate due diligence, providing better client service while mitigating against potential risks and any future liabilities.

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