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Free Webinars hosted by Estatesearch – Missing Assets and 2021 CoP Matters

Join us this December as we host two free webinars, from expert speakers offering informative and knowledgeable discussion in two distinct area.

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Brits and Their Lost Pension Pots

73% of working people in the UK have multiple pension plans, and of this, 17% have lost track of one of these

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Estatesearch strengthens management team with three new hires

Estatesearch, specialists in simplifying and accelerating due diligence in estate administration, has appointed three new members of its management team.

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Active and Resigned Company Directorship Search

An active or resigned company directorship search will inform a personal representative of any current and previous appointments as a director, as well as the trading status of each registered company.

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Experian Unclaimed Assets Register Search

Experian cites the most common reasons for losing touch with assets as change of address, illegal activity, failure to update your address details and death.

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What is a Financial Asset Search (FAS)?

Did you know that there is reported to be up to £1.2 billion of unclaimed assets in UK bank accounts, a figure which is increasing annually?

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Why carry out a credit bureau check during estate administration?

Some 20 million people have needed to access a loved one’s financial accounts once they have passed away but 38% were not aware of where those accounts, including liabilities were.

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Estatesearch Shortlisted for ‘Best Use of Technology’ Award

This “Best Use of Technology” listing recognises Estatesearch’s endeavours to deliver technology-led solutions to clients, providing an efficient and effective due diligence process.

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The Importance of Carrying out an Anti Money Laundering Check on the Deceased when Administering an Estate

70% of firms are at risk by not conducting an Anti-Money Laundering Check on the Deceased when administering an estate.

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Acquisition of Landmark Information’s Financial Asset Search business

Estatesearch are delighted to announce our acquisition of Landmark Information’s Financial Asset Search.