Estatesearch Products & Services

Estatesearch™ simplifies the workload of regulated professionals managing the financial affairs of a vulnerable or incapacitated Person, providing access to all of the services you need in a single dashboard.


£50 + VAT

A solvency due diligence pack containing:

Credit & Liabilities Data

Solvency Check

Unidentified Creditors Warranty

Early Distribution Protection

£70 + VAT

Insurance Protection for early distribution, removing need to issue Section 27 and protects against claims under Inheritance Act. Cover is provided up to £250,000 per estate.

Only available for Bereavement cases

Financial Asset Search (IDL)

£150 + VAT

Inheritance Data Asset Trace contacts over 150 Financial Institutions, including Banks, Building Societies, Pensions, Shares, NS&I and DWP, with an aim to uncover lost, dormant or active accounts.

Only available for Bereavement cases

Will Register Search

£38 + VAT

Use the Will Register Search if you have found a Certainty Will Registration Certificate in the deceased belongings or believe that the Will you are looking for was registered.

Only available for Bereavement cases

Will Search Combined

£95 + Vat

Will Search Combined is a comprehensive search for Registered and Unregistered Wills. Includes: Will Register Search Plus

Will REACH Search: Geographically targeted search for Wills that have not been registered amongst Certainty member and non-member law firms and Will Writers (members of recognised Will Writing organisations including the IPW and SWW)

Missing Will Notice Board: Places a notice on the Certainty Missing Will Notice Board that is issued to Certainty member solicitors.

Section 27 Notice (Local Newspaper)


Official publication of an advertisement for Creditors to Submit Claims (Deceased Estate) a newspaper circulating in the district in which land is situated belonging to the Deceased pursuant to Section 27 of the Trustee Act 1925.

Note - This is required in addition to a Section 27 Notice in the Gazette where an Estate has land or property assets. A quote will be provided for the appropriate regional newspaper for your approval before the notice is placed.

Only available for Bereavement cases

Section 27 Notice (Gazette)

£70 + VAT

Official publication of an advertisement for Creditors to Submit Claims (Deceased Estate) in the Gazette pursuant to Section 27 of the Trustee Act 1925.

Only available for Bereavement cases

Anti-Money Laundering

£4 + VAT

In conjunction with our partner, Veriphy Ltd (A Davies Company), we are able to provide Anti-Money Laundering checks. The search performs a wide variety of checks including HMT, EU & OFAC Sanctions Lists and Global PEPs lists.

The Anti-Money Laundering Check can also be used for UK nationals domiciled overseas and is suitable for verifying the beneficiaries, as well as the deceased or incapacitated person.

Company Directorships Search

£7.50 + VAT

Company Directorship Search identifies both active and resigned Directorships, providing an extra level of information to research your client’s financial history.

The director information is retrieved directly from Companies House. As UK limited companies are formed under the Companies Act, they are required to disclose certain information about their directors when forming a company, or when there is a change in directorship.

Company Business Search

£7.50 + VAT

Gives you a comprehensive overview of a UK registered company.

Where a Person has a role listed as an Active or Resigned director in the Company Directorship Search, we recommend that the Company Business Search is ordered to complete your further enquiries.

This additional search will confirm if the Person has any existing shareholdings within the company.

Property Valuation Report

£295 + VAT

The Probate valuation report is prepared by a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor (RICS) and is fully compliant with the Inheritance Tax Act 1984. The valuation provided is for the purposes of the assessment of the value of a property or properties for inheritance tax purposes.

Only available for Bereavement cases

Property Hope Valuation

From £60 + VAT

The DevProbate Report will dramatically reduce the risk and exposure from claims under the Inheritance Tax Act 1984 when valuing property as part of an Estate. By a analysing a property in the same way as developers, DevAssist can ensure that property is not under sold, protect’s the Executor’s position as well as giving reassurance to the beneficiaries.

The DevProbate report explores the development opportunities of a property to ensure it achieves the full financial potential.

Only available for Bereavement cases

OPG 100 Search

£5 + VAT

OPG Search (OPG 100) with the Office of the Public Guardian to ascertain whether an Enduring or Lasting Power of Attorney has been registered, and/or whether a Deputyship order has been made in relation to a particular person.